Hi Erwin,

and anyone else too.

It's me again. Maybe you are able to solve another problem for me.

The last Scriptcode I returned to you is working fine in IE6 and below
(I believe), but a friend of mine tried to download a tared file with IE
on MacOS. After checking this behaviour (I'm not really able to do a
real check, because I'm not really able to understand what really
happens with theese mime-types), I thought about to check it in 
Netscape too, and later Mozilla in Mac and Win, but it worked
nowhere else than in IE 6 until now. In Netscape the download
starts and a 10 KB file is safed to disk called download.php. In
Mozilla the download starts and a file named picture_name.tar.php
is safed. Size 10KB. The main picture Size is still 406 KB, packed
as a Tar File it's 410 KB.

Thats the problem I need a solvation for.

I read something about theese headers on php.net. There was
an workaround for the circumstace that the download would not
start in IE but not in the other direction.

So please, if you know some more, please share it with me.

There are only two days left, to finish my project. So I'm really
in trouble. After this projekt I will step up and start learning Linux
and Apache configuration to the fullest.

So later I maybe will be an helpfull guy too.



PS.: Just for remembrance, the old working samplecode:

<!-- download.php -->
Header('Content-Type: application/x-tar');
Header("Content-disposition: filename=".$_REQUEST['name'].".tar");
$dir = explode("/", $_REQUEST['image']);
$command = 'tar -cf - '.$_REQUEST['name'].'.jpg';
// Insert the download into order_db for statistic use
$Query = "INSERT INTO order_db (id, user_id, image_id, date, time) ";
$Query .= "VALUES 
mysql_query($Query, $connect);

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