I have been trying to play with my cookies for a while now for this same

And to no avail..

It seems due to the structure of them and as long as the client (browser)
sticks to the specifications you can only access a cookie belonging to that
same host..

For example, I am starting up a large "network" site base but I wanted all
the sites even though they have their own unique domain to be able to have a
global member login system.. Catch is.. The only way for them to be able to
login to one site and then be able to freely go to another completely diff.
site also on our network they would still be logged in and hence they have
this main ONE account that allows them access  to all our network sites..

So I studied the workings behind Terra Lycos and found their trick quite
easily.. Since they have basically this same concept they too had to find a

And their's is very close to mine :) I had thought.. since it's HOST
specific. Not the full domain.. that means that cookies only differentiate
between: and

But not: or

Therefore to create ONE cookie you set it's host for and that way
all your other site domains can be redirectors to the subdomain..

Ie.. if you have as your main site and and just make
those other two point to: and  respectively..

Don't think it's "unpro" because that's exactly what Terra Lycos does..

For eg.. Checkout (I'm sure many of you already know it)
you soon see you'll be transported to:

This is because not only is webmonkey part of Terra lycos.. It's also under

Then I thought.. No way.. that can't be their trick surely??

Yep.. Checkout all their other sites..

More examples: goes to and
goes to

it seems this is the idea.. that way.. if they login.. just set some details
(perhaps the SESSID so you can easily jsut reload the session on the other
sites) on for example as the domain and then all the subdomains
can also use this freely..

Use your domains as redirectors and you get a sweet system.. :)


 Julien Bonastre [The_RadiX]
 The-Spectrum Network CEO

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> Is it possible to specify more than 1 domain in a cookie?
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