Thanks guys,
I thought it would be much more complicated than that but will look into the
alter table thing.
Sorry forgot to mention in the first mail, I am using MySql as its the
cheapest database to get from a hosting company,otherwise on my personal
machine I use MySql and/or Oracle 7.3 (pirated version, I may not be rich
but where theres a will theres a way :-) )
The reason I didnt alter it in the first place was that I was not sure if it
would effect my current IDs, but since you guys say it wont.... i'll take
your word for it.

Cheers and thanks,

> <snip>
> >Chris Shiflett wrote:
> > I didn't catch which database you are using, but you can alter a field
> > in MySQL to add the auto_increment characteristic. Look into the "alter
> > table" SQL statement.
> </snip>
> And if you do that, there won't be any trouble with the existing IDs.
> will grab the next higher number automatically.  But test this on your own
> installation first, just to be sure ...
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