Hey All,

I'm trying to build a DBF for exporting selected data as a download to the 
end users... But I can't get further than this...

        $DBFName = "Test.dbf";
        $Fields = array( array ("Test","C",32) );
        if(dbase_create($DBFName, $Fields))
                { echo "Good!"; } else { echo "Bad!"; }

It doesn't show an error... and it doesn't create the dbf... it just shows 
"Bad!" and nothing else.

Any ideas where I should begin looking? I admit I'm not the most savvy 
Linux user but I at least got it to admit that the function existed (under 
a freshly compiled php with --enable-dbase on Redhat Linux 7.2)

I've also tried $DBFName="./Test.dbf" and 
"/full_path_from_root_to_html_folder/Test.dbf" and neither work. I've also 
looked through the archives for this list and for the php-db list and 
haven't seen anything that helps (other than my earlier problem of not 
having enabled dbase, which appears to be fixed, before it wouldn't even 
show "Bad!". )

Thanks in advance for any ideas...


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