Not sure why you need the 5 days in advance bit, but this might give you the
tools to work it all out.

I prefer to work with dates in unix timestamp format (seconds).

To get "now", use time()

To get "next month", there's a kewl function called strtotime(), which
converts english phrases into timestamps... eg strtotime("+1 month") might
do the job, or "next month"... experiment, use the manual, etc etc

To get "now - 5 days" either use strtotime("-5 days") or

$nowMinus5days = time() - 432000; // 432000 = 5x24x60x60
$nowMinus5days = date('d/m/y', $nowMinus5days);

Hope this helps,


on 29/09/02 3:04 PM, Jonas Geiregat ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> I have a date ex 24/08/02
> and I need to see if that date is the same date as it is today (only one
> month later) but 5day's in advanced => that would be 24/09/02
> so if(date == date now - 5)
> {true}
> else{false}
> how can I do this right ?

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