Hi All,

When does session_start() have to be called? I have the following

A bunch of php pages are placed in a frameset. If someone tries to
access one of these pages without the session-id cookie being set, the
page calls a reloading of the frameset. The frameset page itself is
the first to call session_start()

Am I right to believe that session_start() has to be called before one
can do if (!isset($_SESSION['foo']))? It is this test that determines
whether or not to reload the frameset. 

On my development system this works just fine, but going into
production on a web hotel, I get a lot more warnings. Every page in
the frameset says "Warning: Cannot send session cache limiter -
heaaders already sent..." in response to session_start() in the test I
described above.

Which setting in php.ini enables this warning?
Do you know how I can test for the presense of a session without
getting this error?



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