I'm not sure why you are trying to use session_is_registered() to 
validate a user, but you should get rid of that.

With sessions, you want to start the session on every page you need 
session management. If you have a session module that you include 
everywhere, you can do this by registering each session variable, as 
that will implicitly start the session as well.

If you want to greet a user by name, simply have a session variable 
called "first_name" or something. Then, if it's not blank, greet them.

I'm not sure if that helps, but you at least need to rethink what you 
are trying to do.


Stephen Craton wrote:

>Here's the code
>that checks to see if the user is valid:
>function check_valid()
>  global $valid_user;
>  if (session_is_registered("valid_user"))
>  {
>      echo "<font size='2'>Welcome $valid_user!</font>";
>  }
>  else
>  {
>     echo "You are not logged in.";
>     exit;
>  }  

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