I bet you're getting sick of hearing from me but yet again, I'm having
trouble. I have a form that you type in a number for how many hours an
employee has worked. When they submit the form, it's supposed to
display, again, what they typed in and record them to a database to be
used for a later use. The form, evidently, submits fine but what my
problem is, is that it won't display what they typed in.

All I'm doing is putting in this:

        <?php echo $sun_reg; ?>

The input field looks like this:

        <input name="sun_reg" type="text" class="hours" id="sun_reg"
size="4" maxlength="3">

Does anyone see the problem? I can assign the form method to be GET and
it displays all the field values in the URL just fine, it's just not
displaying in the page itself.


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