Hi, all,

Just out of curiosity, are there any people out there
using PHP with UniVerse/UniData, Pick, mvBase or any
other multivalue database?  I'm getting brave with PHP
and writing some connection and Dynamic String Array
(Pick record) handling objects and wonder if anyone
has been down this road before.

I'm using VantagePoint Software's MVGateway as the
connection middleware.  So far it's starting to work
pretty good (thanks to all the tips from this list!
Y'all are a very informative bunch!).

So far, I've emulated the most important mvBASIC
functions in PHP and can now handle MV records and
record sets directly. If anyone is using an MV RDBMS
it might be useful to compare notes on what's
practical and what's not to use in forms generation
and data handling.

I'm becoming hooked on PHP...seems there isn't
anything you can't do with it.  If you can conceive
it, you can code it to work :-)

Best regards,

Bill Farrell
Multivalue and *nix Support Specialist

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