> I have 2 identical tables called "tmp_data" and "data". (on 
 > the same mysql database).
 > What would be the simple and more convenient way to update 
 > table "data" with a row from table "tmp_data".

What about getting rid of "tmp_data" completely and adding an extra
column to your "data" table.  The extra column, say "approved" would act
as a flag that, if set (ie. "= 1") means that the data is confirmed and,
if not set, means the data is not confirmed.

Using this, you could use the setting in your "approved" column in
queries to find data that you've not yet confirmed or whatever.  Saves
the whole mess of reading in data from one table to write to another
table and also avoids the potential for errors if you change your
database structure at all (and forget to make the change in both

CYA, Dave

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