Jean-Christian Imbeault wrote:
> Gary wrote:
>> They are not really errors they are reporting that the form fields are 
>> empty until the form is submitted.
>> Notice: Undefined index:
> That means your code is not doing any checking of the incoming data. You 
> should always check that the data coming is what you expect it to be. 
> It's good programming practice and helps security.
> Just add the following to your code and every thing will be fine 
> (assuming POST, but works with GET or any other):
> if (isset($_POST["myvar name"])) {
>   $value = $_POST["myvar name"];
> }
> else {
>   $value = "";
> }
The problem is the vars will never be set until the form is submitted. 
The e-notice's are for the
empty form elements before the form submission. So the "else value" 
would be, turn off error reporting until submission.


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