When using the View|Page Info Menu item I get a nice tabbed window 
showing information for the page I just loaded. Clicking the Media tab 
shows what contents the page needed and importantly whether the contents 
are cached or not.

If I load .php pages I am developing off a local server 
(http://192.168... not accessible from the internet) I see that in the 
Media tab the "Source" for the gif/jpeg's on my page is listed as "(not 
cached)" ... but if I look in the cache folder the files are there ...

I only see this problem with my local .php pages. I do not have the 
problem with IE. I do not see this problem if I access .php files on the 
public Internet.

Does N7 have a problem caching files from private (192.168...) networks?

Or is N7 really caching the files and there is a problem with the Media 
(Page Info Tab) in that is incorrectly stating that media has not been 
cached when it has?

Is this a setting in PHP, N7, or Apache I need to change?

This is really worrying me so any comments appreciated!


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