Are you talking about dynamic generation of a PDF file with a server, or are
you just talking about making PDFs on your desktop computer for use on the

Justin French

on 30/09/02 9:51 PM, Marek Kilimajer ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> I use FPDF , free even for commersional use and doesn't
> require any special module loaded
> Ryan A wrote:
>> Hey guys,
>> I know this is totally off topic on a php list but I have a client who wants
>> a PDF document and since I have never made one before...which is the easiest
>> and best tool (hopefully free) to make a PDF form?
>> I know a lot of you guys make websites yourselfs and most proberly worked on
>> something like this so any comments,suggestions or links are appreciated.
>> Cheers,
>> -Ryan.

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