On 09/30/2002 09:54 AM, F xjnyon wrote:
> I need to apply iso-8859-1 encodeing to the <?xml version=1.0?> that
> this function creates: 
> new_xmldoc(1.0). 
> I tried to replace the line but ofcourse the new_xmldoc function creates
> object-tree of the document and I dont know I can reffrer to
> the first line, or <?xml version=1.0?> or just create the document
> with the encodeing

That is odd there is no way to set the output encoding.

Anyway, if you are looking for a way to generate nicely formatted XML 
documents that let you set the encoding character set, you may want to 
take a look at this class. Just specify the outputencoding that you want:



Manuel Lemos

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