Hi Jason,

I had come across this earlier, and while I can get it to return
perfectly, I was more looking for something that I could do without having
to pull 2 queries. Err, well wait, I wouldn't have to would I? I have 4

idnum, title, date, news

I was just doing a select * from newlist, but I suppose I can just address
each specifically:

select idnum, title, DATE_FORMAT(date, '%W, %M %D \@ %h:%i%p'), news from

right? Okay that works.

(don't mind me talking to myself)

Thanks for the help, and making me take a second to look further at it!


On Mon, 30 Sep 2002, Jason Young wrote:

|In my pages, I just format the date from the SQL query:
|"SELECT DATE_FORMAT(last_modified, '%m/%d/%Y %h:%i:%s %p') AS
|last_modified (...)"
|Look up the DATE_FORMAT on mysql.com to get a list of the arguments.
|Hope this helps!

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