I am using following versions:

php - 4.2.3
apache - 2.0.40

I am reffering to intallationg intruction at :

while intalling php i use the following:
./configure     --prerfix=/usr/local
                    -- with -mysql = /usr/local/msyql
                    --with -tsrm -pth
                    --enable -force -cgi - redirect
                    --with -apxs2=/usr/local/bin/apxs2

BUT, i get the folling while the libtools script is running....
It couldnt find libphp4.a in /usr/local/modules/        to move it to some
other place with name libphp4.so

And as a result it while i do apachctl start....it says it cant find

Can php - 4.2.3  and apache - 2.0.40 be used together?? In fact i dont want
to use lower versions of both of them as lower versions of both have many
vulnerabilities exploited by now.

So, i got stuck at the mid of uploading my site.

Hope to get some solutions.
Thanx and regards

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