I have a series of text files that are set up with each line being a
different field. Line "0" is song title, "1" is artist, "2" is album, and so
forth. I know how to use PHP to include those files in an HTML template so
that I don't have to make a separate page for each song, however, I do have
two problems:

On line "6", I have the list of musicians in the song.
Example (ignore the quotes): "Doyle Lawson -- lead vocal; Dale Perry -- bass
Is there a way to make it so that, when I include line 6 in my PHP template,
the ";" will be replaced with a line break so I get one musician per line in
the HTML output?

Lines 7 and so on are the lyrics. The text file has one line per line (makes
sense, right?) and a blank line between sections of the song. I have the
script set up to read all the lines from 7 on, but it jumbles them all
together, ignoring the line breaks. Is there a way to script PHP to add the
line breaks, or should the line break HTML just be inserted everywhere
needed in all my separate files?

All help is appreciated!

Kyrie Eleison,

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