I have the following URL:


This is a PHP script that is evaluated and compiled by a CGI script, php4.cgi, to 
allow for file and directory manipulation w/o having to change file and directory 
permissions to world-write.

This URL works just fine as follows:


If I place this tag inside .shtml files, the results are exactly what I want.. 
however, I am now required to get the contents of 
http://valsignalandet.com/cgi-bin/cgiwrap/ppowell/php4.cgi/~ppowell/my/style.php and 
place inside another PHP script; to date, nothing occurs.

I am able to read other CGI script inside via fopen("../mycgi.cgi", "r"); and able to 
read PHP via fopen("../myphp.php", "r"); with no problem.

Does anyone know of a way then that I might be able to produce the contents of a 
uniquely-formed URL such as 
http://valsignalandet.com/cgi-bin/cgiwrap/ppowell/php4.cgi/~ppowell/my/style.php into 
another PHP script since fopen and require() both do not seem to work in this case?


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