Hi Chris

They are having the problem receiving the mail sent by the script not
They go to my site and generate a form mailer using their email ad
They upload it to their webserver
Then they email me saying that they are testing the mailer out on their site
and it seems to work but they never receive the email that it sends
Always when I test the scripts (with my email ad) there is nothing wrong
with it and I receive the mail

So I don't know what to tell them apart from it must be filtering, nor do I
know how to attempt to fix the problem. Maybe this problem of 'lost mail' is
more noticeable to me because a few hundred a week use this generator so we
are talking about running these scripts on a lot of different websites using
a lot of different mailservers/mailboxes.

>From now on when I get these complaints I will ask them for the name of the
mailserver that sends the mail - maybe then I can get back to you for some


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> Debbie Dyer wrote:
> >I was talking about my second prob..
> >
> Debbie,
> I had not read your post well enough. Yes, if customers are sometimes
> having a similar problem when they are sending email then it could be
> their domain is not in dns.
> If I can help in a test, perhaps forwarding an email from you to an
> address you can't get through to directly, I'm happy to help. It will
> aid checking whether dns is the issue.
> I've only ever had one refusal to recieve email (except when the user no
> longer has the account) and that was when I sent an attachment that was
> a windows executable (.exe) file. Changing the extension to ".zip" and
> it went through. Not having had the problem, I disagree with you
> statement that email seems unreliable these days. So there must be
> something different with the setups we have that accounts for it. DNS is
> the only difference I can think of.
> Regards
> Chris
> PS I'm  not on-line all the time, I pick up email every hour or two.

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