Hi (I'm sending this again becasue i didn't find a solution yet)
"I have a problem when i'm sending form data. The issue happens when I build
a mysql query with some form input data. I send the info and I get 'n'
results from mysql server. With this I build a list that has links to the
records that match
the query. Next step I display one of the items on my query. OK, now here is
where I have the problem. When I go back, the IE gives me an error that
"can't show the page because it was made up with form data and if I want to
see the page again, i have to make a refresh. IE wount send the information
I'm running an Apache Server under RH 7.2. and PHP 4.2.0/1
With IIS I don't have this problem.
Anyone have an idea for this issue ? I think that is a directive in the
php.ini file. But I don't know wich one is.
Help would be appreciated

Francisco M. Vaucher

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