Read the release notes and docs for each.  Basically Apache 2 introduces
an mpm architecture which allows you to plug in different protocol
handlers that make use of different processing models for handling
requests.  Most notably all the mpms except for the pre-fork mpm are
threaded, but since FreeBSD's kernel threading support is broken anyway,
you can't use those and you can only use the prefork mpm on your server.
The prefork mpm makes Apache 2 look exactly like Apache 1 so in your case
there is no difference except Apache 1 is a more mature and less buggy


On Tue, 1 Oct 2002, Anil Garg wrote:

> Hi,
> Thanx for you mails.
> As per your suggestion i have decided to install apache 1.3.26(latest 1.3.x)
> with php-4.2.3.
> But, one thing still boggling me(and i couldnt find any documentaion about
> that) is that whats the major difference between apache1.3.x series and
> apache 2.x series...for what reason are both the threads beings processed?(i
> m asking this coz i want to know what will i be missing if i use 1.3.26
> instead of 2.0.40.
> Can u plz gimme some pointers.
> Thanx and regards
> anil

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