Of course compiled versus interpreted code is a pretty major difference, so
it would be hard for me to say it is "like" a compiled language like C/C++
just because is borrows some of the syntax.  I have seen only very generic
classifications, but IMHO I would lean more towards saying it is a scripting
language specifically written to act as a CGI web interface, as opposed to
molding a language like Perl to do CGI.  Of course those database specific
functions thrown in is always a huge plus!
(I often wonder how some of the originators would classify it?)
I guess that would be here:


"John W. Holmes" wrote:

> > I am trying to understand in deatil exactly what PHP is, I know that
> it is
> > a
> > scripting markup type language, but.....
> >
> > Is it correct to say that PHP is essentially just C++ code wrapped in
> > blocks which are embedded in HTML?
> Well, more of a C/C++ syntax, actually. PHP has a lot of built in
> functions that make it different from C/C++. But, yeah, in an extremely
> broad manner, you could say that's what it is. The PHP code is evaluated
> and ran on the server and the resulting HTML is sent to the client. Note
> that you can't compile PHP, like C/C++.
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