Don't think it can be done... at least not the way you describe.  *maybe* it
can be done with javascript, but I'd try to do it this way:

1. user completes form, clicks submit
2. your scripts don't send any output to the browser (ie, it's not a page,
it's a script), generate the auto-responders, whatever else, and redirect to
the other script.
3. other script takes the data, does what it does, and user gets a response
in the browser.

You will probably run into trouble with this because the second form
requires information to be sent by POST method... I think the CURL library
can do this for you, or else, it's been discussed on this list 1000's of
times.  Search the archives.


on 02/10/02 2:47 AM, Henry ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> Hi All,
> I have a problem that I hope you can help me with.
> I'm using a third party shopping cart solution which is quite frankly naff.
> They bundle some autoresponders with it. Unfortunately the autoresponders do
> not work!.  I want to find a temporary solution  to this. The easiest way
> would be to allow a form to be submitted to more than one place!
> Basically I would lke to have an intermediate php page that will submit the
> details (submitted to it) to two other pages and then follow the response of
> one of those other pages (the primary page). That way I can insert a
> different autoresponder handling system into the submission process but
> continue to use the shopping carts pages for the time being.
> Any suggestions?
> Henry

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