I've been writing PHP scripts for a long time but never needed to get data
from an Oracle database. Till now.

Can somebody give me a hand? The Oracle database is running on another

The information I have been given is:

host     (e.g.  somewhere.somewhere.com)
username (e.g. USER_NAME)
pw       (e.g. MY_PW)
databse : PROD
Function: F_CLAVE_SI_NO(loginnr)

Basically what I need to do is contact this databsae, execute the function
F_CLAVE_SI_NO($myloginnr), and get the results.

The function F_CLAVE_SI_NO is a function from the Oractle database itself;
it is no one written in PHP.

Thank you for your help!

Kind regards,

Juan Antonio Ruiz Zwollo

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