I am trying to better understand something, I learned a couple weeks ago
that if I do this...

If ($field == "value1") {
    $field = "change to new value";

Now I have use this to change 0000-00-00 to  . And the following.

If ($days > "30") {
    $days "<strong><font color='ff0000'>" . $days . "</font></strong>";

Want I want to do was add a second line this below to change the another
value to change to change to another color...

If ($days > "45") {
    $days "<strong><font color='ff00ff'>" . $days . "</font></strong>";


But, the second value is over riding the first vaule so I can't see the
differents. I sorry that this might be confusing but I am trying to ask the
way I can. I am not sure what you call this, expression I think. Any way is
there a way that I can use this expression to get two or more colors.


Chuck Payne
Magi Design and Support

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