Hi Friends,

I would like to know where the cookies will be stored?

I have enabled cookies using session.use_cookies = 1. 

I found cookies will be stored in the environmental variable

But I didn't find anywhere this variable in my php.ini file.

If I want to print all cookies stored in my browser how can I print?

I tried to print in this way



        echo "All cookies :".$HTTP_COOKIE_VARS;
        echo "<br>previous cookie :".$HTTP_COOKIE_VARS[$Tamilnadu];

        echo "<br>previous cookie :".$Tamilnadu;




Please tell me how to print all the stored cookies in my browser and
where these cookies will be stored?

Where Can I see all these cookies?? Any logs we have to check??

Where can I see the http response headers?? (like cookies and stuff
)..Do I need to use any protocol analyzer?

Thanks in advance



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