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> I use the mail function tons, never had a problem.  I am working with a client with 
>a different
> hosting vendor, they are using PHP 4.2.3, which I guess was a recient upgrade, 
>anyway I was
> informed by the client that he wasnt getting email submissions from the website, but 
>he was
> getting other emails, to those same accounts that were from outside the website.  
>Short story
> long, I took one of the functions that uses the mail function inside of it, and I 
>placed it on my
> server, and it worked flawlessly, place the same exact code on back on the other 
>site, and
> nothing.  Oh and I dont have access to their error logs.  :(
> What sounds wrong?  What sounds bad?  Any thoughts?  Anything i can look for?
> thanks,
> dan

Are you setting a From: field? It may be that the from address as sent by 
the provider won't resolve, which may cause problems.

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