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The RegEx I finally used was this:


I tried this in 3 editors: jEdit, eMacs and BBEdit
jEdit interpreted the replace expression as literally "\1"
eMacs didn't like the parenthesis in the search string
In BBEdit it worked like a charm.

Not sure why. Perhaps different implementations of RegEx. Is this true?

On Fri, 2002-09-27 at 16:53, John Holmes wrote:
> > I have a fairly large html document that I need to convert to xml.
> > The current format is is:
> > <DD> A whole bunch of text
> >     <DT> Something else </DT>
> > (There is a new line in there before <DT>)
> > 
> > Which I need to convert to
> > <DD> A whole bunch of text </DD>
> >     <DT> Something else </DT>
> $new_text = str_replace("\n\t<DT>","</DD>\n\t<DT>",$your_text);
> Assuming there is a tab in there...
> You'd be better off getting an editor that'll do this for you. Textpad
> lets you search and replace with regular expressions. Other programs do
> too.
> ---John Holmes...

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