It appears to me you are not actually executing the SQL you are storing in
the varible.

Did you accidently miss that out of your email?

I would supply you with more information but I don't know how to use
PostgreSQL, but since you are coding with it, I guess you should be able to
figure out the correct command

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From: "Andre Dubuc" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Sent: Wednesday, October 02, 2002 2:44 PM
Subject: [PHP] Using PHP to create tables?

> In order to get my site on-line, I need to upload all my files, and create
> few PostgreSQL tables that the scripts rely upon.
> I've created a script that should create these tables, but in testing it,
> nothing happens - no tables are created. I wondering whether it's even
> possible to create these tables from php?
> The other possibility is to use pg_dump, but again, wouln't that require
> the tables already exist on the server?
> So, I guess my question is: can I use php to accomplish these tasks, or do
> have to have access to psql (server-side)?
> Here's the script I've created:
> <?php
> include("dbc.php");  /* db connection script to pre-existing db on
> $ct = "CREATE TABLE dip (
> rid serial int4 NOT NULL,
> rfname varchar(50) NOT NULL,
> rsname varchar(50) NOT NULL,
> rm1name varcahr(50),
> rm2name varchar(50),
> rm3name varchar(50),
> rinit varchar(8),
> rnee varchar(50),
> rcity varchar(50),
> rprov varchar(50),
> rcountry varchar(50),
> rdate date,
> rsponsor int4,
> radopt int4,
> rpix varchar(50),
> rproduct varchar(50),
> rplacement varchar(50),
> robid int4,
> rmemid int4,
> rbook text,
> rconfirm int4,
> rupload varchar(200)
> )";
> ?>
> Sorry for the real 'newbie' question here, but this is something I've
> done, so I'm going in totally blind. I'd greatly appreciate any advice
> concerning what to do, or watch out for.
> Tia,
> Andre
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