it's a great tip to install PhpMyAdmin - or phpPgAdmin for PostgresSQL - 
this will only take you at most half an hour even for a newcomer.

You can then easily test queries, see any error messages and see what 
result they have on tables.

In this case I'd echo out the query

echo $query = "UPDATE countertable SET CurrDate = '$ndate' WHERE ID = $id"

and try to cut-and-paste it into the query-field in PhpMyAdmin.

When you say "nothing happens" you'd probably discover that ID is a number 
not matching anything _or_ that $nDate and the field are not proper date 
values ;-)

Hope it helps!

Frank, U5

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At 15:16 2/10/2002 -0400, you wrote:
>I have the following line in a program I'm working on:
>$query = "UPDATE countertable SET CurrDate = '$ndate' WHERE ID = $id"
>$ndate is a properly formated date read from a text field on a form on the 
>previous page.  When I run the query using mysql_query, it returns TRUE 
>each time, but the field is not updated.  The only explanation I can think 
>of is that there is something wrong with the date value.  I've echoed it 
>to the screen and it looks fine, but the query still doesn't work.  Any 
>Thanks in advance,
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