As far as I know there is no way to set a site-wide global from within a
script.  Use PHP Sessions or set a Cookie and then print the variable in any
script you want by calling $_SESSION['first'] or $COOKIES['first'];.  But
you'll need a starting point for your visitors in order for this to work.

If your visitors will be accessing scripts at random you can do an
include(""); at the top of each script, where ''
accesses the database and sets the $first variable each time a script is


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Subject: [PHP] Global variables

> Hello,
> how can I use global variables in my web portal? I have read the php
> documentation, but it works only in the same file.
> I want use more global variable on many php site.
> For example:
> In login.php I use the code
>          $first=mysql_result($result,0,"FIRST_NAME");
> and I want to print this $first variable all of my php site.
> Thanks!
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