I'm getting much closer to achieving my goal here.  Now, I'm missing yet one more 
element.  Here is my code:

$filename = "newexample.html";

$fd = fopen ($filename, "r");

$contents = fread ($fd, filesize ($filename));

preg_match_all('{\/*[A-z0-9_/-]+(.gif|.jpg)}', $contents, $matches);

for ($i=0; $i< count($matches[0]); $i++) {

    echo "matched: ".$matches[0][$i]."<br>\n";

    $blah = basename($matches[0][$i]);

    $contents = eregi_replace('\/*[A-z0-9_/-]+(.gif|.jpg)', $blah, $contents);

print $contents;

fclose ($fd);

In this PHP script I am reading in the contents from "newexample.html", going through 
it and looking for image strings ("something/.../imagename.gif|jpg"), and stripping 
them down to their basenames ("imagename.gif|jpg").  What I must ALSO do is print the 
contents of the html file with the new, stripped down image strings.  What's going on 
in the above code is that each time you get to:

$contents = eregi_replace('\/*[A-z0-9_/-]+(.gif|.jpg)', $blah, $contents);

it goes through the entire html file and replaces every image string with the same 
replacement, so when the script is done executing, every image string in the html file 
is identical.  Of course, what I *want* to do is replace them all individually.  So if 
the html file has:

<img src="images/imagename.gif">
<img src="imagename2.jpg">
<img src="images/2/imagename3.gif">

I want those strings to be replaced with:

<img src="imagename.gif">
<img src="imagename2.jpg">
<img src="imagename3.gif">

But, the code as I have it is just replacing them all with <img src="imagename3.gif"> 
since it was the last one to have matched.

How might I go through and replace them one by one?  Obscure hints are welcome.  :)


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