I noticed that by default, my display_errors was actually OFF, and the 
only way to see my errors was through Apache's error.log file

I don't know if that's already been checked, but... figured I'd try to help.


Gamin wrote:
> Yes,
>   On both my development machine and implmetation machine i have the same
> error_reporting.
>    error_reporing = 2039  (that is what phpinfo() gives me ) is equivalent
> to E_ALL^E_NOTICE. And still i cant seem to get any error, even on a winxp
> system running Apache and PHP 4.2.1 (from the php.ini file) -
> error_reporting  =  E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE
> I still cant understand why PHP is not complaining ?
> thx
> gamin.

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