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> Here's a simplier version...and I'm still having a problem 
> with it. It's
> driving me insane!!! :)
> class MySQL
>  {
>  function SET ( )
>   {
>   $this->MYVAR = "Hello World!";
>   }
>  function RETREIVE ( )
>   {
>   print $this->MYVAR;
>   }
>  }
> $helpme = new MySQL;
> $helpme->SET;
> $helpme->RETREIVE; /* Prints NOTHING */

I'm pretty sure you have to add () on the end of those function names to get
PHP to actually *call* the function, so you need:


Without the parentheses, PHP evaluates the name of the function (returning
its "handle"), but then doesn't know what to do with it so just throws it
away on seeing the terminating semicolon.  As far as PHP is concerned, you
could quite legitimately want to do something entirely different with the
handle, such as assigning it to a variable -- PHP won't assume you want to
call it as a function just because it happens to be a function name.  For
instance, the following should work (I think! - although I haven't tested

  $method = $helpme->SET;

In fact, you can ask PHP to try and call anything as a function by appending
parentheses, so this should work too:

  $method = "SET";



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