Run a small phpinfo() script on both servers... take note of the version
numbers being used, and take not of the config setting "register_globals" on
both... my guess is that register_glabals is set to OFF on your local
machine, being a newer install.

If it isn't that, it may be an issue with the mail()

Report back :)


on 03/10/02 11:17 PM, ThinkNetSolutions ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> Hello,
> I don't know if I'm in the right place to ask for help or not...
> First...I am not a hardcore coder...I'm a designer - so I'm still trying to
> learn "the other side". :)
> I am being hosted on a Windows 2000 server. It supports PHP. I have a simple
> script (refer a friend) on a Linux server that works. The same script will
> not work on this Windows server.
> Question:
> Does PHP4 code have to be written differently for Windows servers? If so, is
> there a code resource describing the differences?
> (the only information I can find is on installation on Win servers)
> Thank you in advance for your help!
> Kim Strawn

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