I think we're arguing with each other even though we agree on
everything. :)

I prefer to think of it as healthy discussion :^] It is like two quantum
physicists discussing light, with one leaning towards the particle side and
the other leaning towards the wave side. They agree on everything but are
shedding light (pun not intended) on the differing viewpoints.

Anyhow John, I would never argue with you. Discuss...yes, argue...no. :^]

We've essentially proven to others and lurkers that there is more than one
way to accomplish something, sometimes it comes down to efficieny, sometimes
preference, sometimes ignorance (the real kind, not the derogatory kind) and
more often a combination of them all. There are many ways to count records
in a results set... as there are many ways to do lots of things. Learning
the many ways helps me to be better at my job.



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