I dont get the difference between this two instructions...

mail("[EMAIL PROTECTED]", "Subject", "Message") or die("It suck");

mail($mailto,$subject,$content) or die("It suck");

Im just getting a server error on the second instruction... I've checked the
vars with the is_string() function and all are strings... Ive used this mail
function many times... and it already worked in the script...but suddenly it
didnt work.

Im thinking about the smtp server, but i dont understand why the first
instruction is sent by the server and when i use the second, i get a server
I dont get it!!!  why is that #"$%&% server error!!!

Note: I cant chage the second instruction's vars to simple text, because its
inside a for loop.

Apache/PHP 4.2.1 in Win2k

The SMTP is a Unix Service in another Server.

Any help would be appreciated...im gonna get bald if i stay like this...

Roberto Ramírez..

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