> I have a page set up that loads the contents of a text file into an
> template using PHP. (i.e. something.com/page.php?include=1 where "1"
is a
> simple no-extension text file in the same directoy as page.php). Is
> a
> way to modify the PHP code in the template page to search for the
> page in another directory? Right now, the only way to do it is to have
> URL as "page.php?include=files/1".
> Currently, here is the code I use to takes the $include URL variable
> makes the file accessible in the template:
> $info = file($include);

Can I get the URL to your server, please, so I can pull up
page.php?include=/etc/passwd ?? Thanks, I would really appreciate that.

But seriously, I really hope you are validating what $include is. 

If you want the file to be included from a different directory, then you
have to pass some flag/variable to PHP to tell it where to look. If you
always want it to be in the same dir, then use

$info = file('files/' . $include);

---John Holmes...

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