On Friday 04 October 2002 18:58, Peter Janett wrote:
> I'm upgrading a web server, and need to move all the MySQL data from the
> old box to the new one.  I have approx. 50 databases, some of which have a
> lot of tables in them.
> I know I can write a script to list all the databases, then export the sql
> for each database, then each table in it, then the data, but I'm guessing
> someone else has faced this need, so there may be a PHP solution out there.
> I'm hoping I can find an open source Perl or PHP script that I can simply
> point at the old and new server and tell it to copy all databases and data
> to the new server.
> Any ideas?

Stop the mysql server on old box.
Copy all the directories/files in the data directory to the new box.
Start up mysql server on the new box.

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