> I am running a PHP program under Linux on the command line. The
> I have is that I get no output to the screen until the program
> I have lots of echo statements throughout the program to help me debug
> but none of them are printed until the program finishes, which is
> a pain since the prog takes 30 minutes to run ...
> The main() looks something like this. Can someone help me figure out
> it is not printing anything until the program exists?
> pg_exec($CONN, "BEGIN");
> for ($i = 0; $i < 6001; $i++) {
>    $retval = process($aFields);
>    if ( ($i % 100) == 0 ) echo "$i\n";
>    if ($retval == 1) echo "error on line $i \n";
> }
> echo "COMMIT \n";
> pg_exec($CONN, "COMMIT");
> Thanks,

Take a look at flush(). You may have to play with it to get enough data
in the buffer for flush() to flush it, but hopefully it'll help.

Also, make sure output_buffering is off.

---John Holmes...

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