On 10/04/2002 09:14 AM, 翽 wrote:
> But I need to modify this script so that I can set the encoding of the xml document 
>to ISO-8859-1 so it would look like this:
>   <?xml version="1.0" encoding=”iso-8859-1” ?> 
> - <cds>
> - <cd id="1">
>   <title>sdfsdfsdf</title> 
>   <artist>ssdfsdf</artist> 
>   </cd>
> - <cd id="2">
>   <title>asdf</title> 
>   <artist>asdf</artist> 
>   </cd>
> - <cd id="3">
>   <title>sdfasdf</title> 
>   <artist>涩</artist> 
>   </cd>
>   </cds>
> Any Ideas how to do this? I’ve been searching the net for solutions without any 

This question was asked sometime ago but I could not understand if 
anybody actually solved it.

Anyway, I use this XML writer class instead of DOM API as it allows me 
not only to generate nicely formatted XML documents with the character 
set encoding but also the stylesheet and DTD if I need it. Take a look:



Manuel Lemos

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