At 01:54 PM 10/4/2002 +0200, lallous wrote:
>Peter, I think he's stuck with the parsing part?
>you can file() the /etc/passwd file then explode() it and add the
>username,passhash parts and/or more values into the mysql table.

I can parse the file just fine, what I am trying to do is actually make use
of the data coming out of the passwd file.  In other words if you set up a
simple table:


And then populate the table using a PHP script that parses the /etc/passwd
file and then write your app to verify the user on that data can it be done?
Username is no problem, the Unix encrypted password is the one I am
trying to work out.  If the user has a password of:  phprocks and in 
that encrypted password works out to be:  !#@KJCKMSD@, then I validate
the user, they enter the correct username and password, will PHP be able
to validate that the password they entered matches the encrypted password.

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