Not that this is relevant but...

"解読する"(kaidoku suru) means "to decipher" or "to decode".

So, perhaps, the person who posted the message was just wondering how will
the ml figure out what the message was. Or, ... (I don't really know...
there's a Japanese ml so the post must be a mistake or something--perhaps,
testing whatever...)

Just guessing,

- E

"Rick Beckman" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> The best translation I could find comes from ...
> こ れ っ て ど う や っ て 
>solution? す る ん で し ょ う?
> Obviously, that's not enough to help.. Sorry. However, they do offer
> "clarification by human translators" for only 31 bucks... I suppose if the
> problem is great enough, someone will shell out the cash. Other than that,
> no dice.
> --?
> Kyrie Eleison,
> Rick
> 松本創 wrote:
> > これってどうやって解読するんでしょう・・・

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