I have an odd problem.

I have a file called "evt_to_web.php". This file contains some variable
assignments and a few functions.

I have used
require_once "evt_to_web.php";
in another file, indextest.php.
In indextest.php, I then call a function that is in evt_to_web.php.

That function cannot seem to see it's own global variables, even though I
have used "global <etc>;".

I'm pulling my hair out.

Here is "evt_to_web.php":

$evthostname = "localhost";
$evtusername = "paukai";
$evtpassword = "imctiger88";
$evtdatabase = "imc_evts";
$evtevents_table = "evt_events"; // Table where all events will be stored.
$evtclient_table = "evt_clients"; // The owners of events and their login
$evtcategory_table = "evt_cats"; // Small table with categories for event

// Administration password
$evtadmin_password = "imccalendar";

$evtimg_dir = "images/";

// Webmaster, in case of error:
$evtwebmaster = "[EMAIL PROTECTED]";

// Redir site in case of error:
$evtredir_site = "http://www.illinimedia.com/";;

function testGlobal() {
        global $evtredir_site;

        echo "TestGlobal: '$evtredir_site'<br>\n";

When I do "testGlobal();" I get:

TestGloal: ''

Showing me that the function testGlobal thinks that $everedir_site is empty.

What have I done wrong here??

Paul Kaiser

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