Thanks Erwin. Unfortunately it doesn't work, even after I copied php4ts.dll.

How would I specify the drive:\Program Files, which has a space in-between.
Should I include single or double quote ?

I tried all these combinations...

LoadModule php4_module F:/Progra~1/php-4.2.3-Win32/php4ts.dll
LoadModule php4_module 'F:/Program Files/php-4.2.3-Win32/php4ts.dll'
LoadModule php4_module "F:/Program Files/php-4.2.3-Win32/php4ts.dll"
LoadModule php4_module "F:/Progra~1/php-4.2.3-Win32/sapi/php4apache2.dll"

LoadModule php4_module D:/WINNT/system32/php4ts.dll
LoadModule php4_module 'D:/WINNT/system32/php4ts.dll'
LoadModule php4_module 'D:/WINNT/system32/php4ts.dll'

"Erwin" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Kramer wrote:
> > hi,
> >
> > I've Apache 2 running fine in my Windows 2000 machine. I installed PHP
> > 4.2.3( from the zip-file method ).
> > I copied php4apache.dll and php4apache2.dll to /WINNT/system32 and
> > /WINNT as well( to be safe ).
> >
> > In my httpd.conf, either of the following startments are causing the
> > Apache to not start...
> > LoadModule php4_module F:/Progra~1/php-4.2.3-
> > Win32/sapi/php4apache2.dll LoadModule php4_module
> > "D:/WINNT/system32/php4apache2.dll"
> Don't copy php4apache2.dll to the \winnt\system32 or \winnt directory,
> because it's not required, but copy php4ts.dll to the system32 directory
> instead. If you're using any extensions that require external libraries
> (take a look in your php installation directory, subdirectory dlls), then
> they should be copied to.
> Erwin

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