Hi Guys,

I'm looking for open source mailing lists. I'm aware of hotscripts.com and
the mailing lists listed there was not what I had in mind. What I'm looking
for is possible some code snippets or applications where the scripts handles
much like Mailman in which one person can post a new message to the list and
an email is emailed out to everyone. Anyone whose on that list can then
reply to that message via email, and all emails are tracked via the ID so
that it can be archived on the web.

I've coded part of one, but stumped on how the messages retain reply to
references in the header. The Reply-To field always reference back to the
Message-ID of the message as it left the server, not the ID when it was
received. I put this ID as part of the Reference field, but when replying in
Outlook, the Reference field does not stay in tack when it reaches the
server for parsing. It's like Outlook does not even attach the Reference
header even when the message when you are replying to has a Reference header
in it.

Any ideas?

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