Hi John,

How do u use UNIX_TIMESTAMP or DATE_FORMAT in your query. My query now
looks like this:

"SELECT * FROM guestbook2002 ORDER BY entryID DESC LIMIT $entry, $show";

Can u help me;-) Thanks for your time

Best regards,
Davy Obdam,

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> Using $entry_date = date('l, d F Y H:i:s',$sql['date']); now gives me 
> back Tuesday, 19 January 2038 04:14:07 with ever entry. $sql['date']
> a TIMESTAMP and looks like this 20021006141256 in the datebase. It 
> should give me Sunday, 06 October 2002 14:12:56..? Wierd eh? Do u know
> solution?

No, not weird. MySQL uses a timestamp in the YYYYMMDDHHMMSS format.
Date() is expecting a UNIX timestamp, which is the number of seconds
since Jan 1, 1970. 

So... you can either use DATE_FORMAT() in your query, with is the MySQL
equivalent of date(). Look up the format in the manual. Or, you can use
UNIX_TIMESTAMP() in your query to select out the unix timestamp instead
of the mysql timestamp, and then use that value within date() in your
PHP script.

---John Holmes...

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