I need to get the fully qualified host name of the local machine, like
"server.somewhere.com". Sounds simple, right? Seems not.

I'm running a CLI script in PHP 4.3-cvs (on OpenBSD) so I have no HTTP
or other global vars to look at, and it doesn't seem to be lying about
in my environment (not that I want to rely on that anyway).

The posix_uname command doesn't include the domain on non-GNU OSs. I
can get the hostname, but not the domain. Can I get it through some
other PHP command?

I'd really prefer not to resort to platform-specifics like rummaging in
/etc and parsing config files or doing something silly like a reverse
DNS lookup...

On some OS, this will give me the hostname:
$hostname = `/bin/hostname`;

However, it doesn't give me the domain, and it's highly platform
specific (i.e. it won't work on Win).

This seems like a pretty fundamental function that should be a
built-in, but it doesn't seem to be possible to do this in a
platform-independent way.

Have I missed some php_fqdn() function?

Any better ideas?

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