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> Edwin,
> I have no interest in getting into a Win2K/Linux debate.  There are
> strengths and reasons for using both systems.

Of course... Most of the time I code on my Windoze machine. (Besides, I use
it most of the time for writing to the ML :) But the only test server I have
is a linux box.

> I run other applications (ASP, .NET, iHTML, MSSQL) without any problems,
> and they all work very quickly.  Win2K is my primary development
> environment as it matches the systems my clients use.

...also I use Windoze browsers for testing...

> So, I just need to know if there are some tweaks I should be considering
> speed up PHP?

I see. (Sorry about my first comment.)

Well, I'm not really aware of any (ini) settings that would drastically
change the speed PHP. However, there are some programming techniques
(already discussed in the list) that would "speed up" your scripts. (e.g.,
"caching" the results of your sql query on a text file and calling that file
later on perhaps, etc.) But if you're already doing something similar, I
guess, the bottleneck would be the hardware.

Add more RAMs if possible, change to a faster harddisk (SCSI or use RAID),
get another PIII-800 and upgrade your motherboard to dual CPU, etc.--I'm
sure your boss (if you have one and if you can convince him/her that it's
necessary) will even be happy to get you a new workstation. You're running a
lot of other applications so I'm pretty sure you'll benefit from a faster

Why do the other app run faster? I don't really know. But, maybe, IIS is
just friendlier with its relatives...

Just my opinion...

- E


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