Yep, if you're using UNIX and compiling from source, you must add this
switch to the command line when you're configuring and compiling PHP:


(e.g.: ./configure --enable-sockets). If you're using a prepackaged
version (RPM or Windows) then you should look into the documentation for
your version to see if this extension was included when the package was
compiled from the source.



On Mon, 2002-10-07 at 14:22, Asmodean wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> Does anybody know what the current support / functionality for PHP
> with sockets is? According to the documentation, all the socket_
> functions should be included in PHP >= 4.1.0. I'm currently running
> 4.2.1 and PHP doesn't seem to recognize these functions (socket_send,
> socket_write, etc).
> Anybody know if there's anything special I have to do to get it
> working?
> // Asmodean
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